3 Common Sense Cures to Acne

After growing up without these obvious tips, I feel obligated to tell someone who is also struggling:

  1. Wash your face with a light touch and with room temperature water. Then dab dry with a soft towel. Your skin is probably sensitive so dirty, abrasive, hot, and cold things do not help. (This also means stay away from hot and cold water in the shower, don’t touch/pick at your face with your hands, and wash your pillows and blanket often.)
  2. Use natural/organic moisturizers/oils (like coconut oil) after wash. Dry skin causes rashes which cause bumps (that goes for unnatural lotions and oils too).
  3. Eat healthy. Although there is controversy over which foods are directly connected to hormones and skin problems, there is no controversy that eating healthily (at the very least) helps your skin heal quicker.

*As a side tip, if you do start to feel a bump coming, eat anti-inflammatory foods and take some aspirin or ibuprofen. If it’s really major, ice it.


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