The Washing of Clothes and the Mending of Hearts.


Today is laundry day. I put the laundry in the washer machine and when I return the clothes are clean. I then turned to my hand wash clothes. As I’m laboring (with an arm injury it’s painful to do) I see the water turn dark the more I’m scrubbing them clean. As I rinse the clothes in the clean water, I see the clear water go from dark to light the longer I run the water over them. I them move on to repairing those pieces of clothing that have rips and tares in them. And them the Lord shows me: The different stages of the Christian walk. When we come to Christ, we expect immediate results. But the only way that God can clean us is as we labor in prayer and digging into the Word of God. The longer we stay under the Water, the cleaner we become. Then that’s when the real work begins. After we learn who God is and how much He loves us, He begins mending the wounds in our lives. Thank you Jesus for the beautiful analogy.

By: Marlene Barba



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