Cultural Philosophies of the West.

          These are some of the more prominent beliefs that are ingrained in our culture. Most people don’t even notice that they hold these beliefs until someone brings them up.

  • Hedonism
  • Relativism
  • Existentialism
  • Scientism
  • Skepticism

          These belief systems clash if you were to take them to their fullest. Yet at the same time, many are willing to overlap them during our daily lives.

  • We feel comforted when someone says, “As long as it makes you happy.”
  • We feel supportive when someone says, “Can’t we just learn to live together?”
  • We feel required to answer when someone says, “So.. what do you do?”
  • We feel admiration when someone says, “Scientists are now saying…!”
  • We cheer when someone says, “Question everything!” (or question yourself if they say, “You never know!”)

Though we don’t get the same feelings when we the full meaning of each philosophy is proclaimed.

  • “Pleasure is the highest truth!”
  • “There is no absolute truth!”
  • “You are what you do.” (For example, if you run, you are foremost a runner.)
  • “The scientific method can explain everything!”
  • “Trust nothing!”

The reason why we don’t get the same feelings is because we (especially as Christians) see that these philosophies are ultimately lacking.

  • Pursuit of continued pleasure leaves you empty.
  • The statement, “There is no absolute truth” is itself an absolute truth.
  • We are a person who decides to take actions, the action is secondary.
  • The statement, “The scientific method can explain everything” is not a scientific one; it’s a philosophical one.
  • The statement, “Trust nothing” assumes we can trust the speaker. When should we question our skepticism?


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