Dennis Prager Quotes.



I believe the greatest threat facing America, and I’ve believed this my entire adult life, is that we have not passed on what it means to be American to this generation. … This is not a sweet line. This is meant literally. A society doesn’t survive if it does not have a reason to survive. That’s true for individuals [too]. Where there is why, there is a how. (I hate to tell you who said it, Nietzsche, but never the less, it remains true.) We have lost the why. The greatest generation did not teach my generation what Americanism is. It’s not its fault; it wasn’t taught. This goes back one-hundred years to John Dewey–to the importation of European professors–to our universities–to a whole host of issues.
The average American who deeply loves this country and even has conservative values cannot articulate what those values are. It is no one’s fault, but that is the greatest threat. When we understand this American trinity–In God We Trust, Liberty, E. Pluribus Unum–that is uniquely American. It is not European. The French preferred fraternité, liberté, égalité–equality. We don’t. We believe in equality of birth but not equality of result. When it is understood what America stands for, when it is understood that there is a moral dimension to a smaller government, it is not an economic question it is a moral question. We give far more charity per capita than Europeans do. Why? Are we born better? No. The bigger the government, the worse the citizen. They are preoccupied in Europe with “How much time off?” “Where will they vacation?” “When will they retire?” These are selfish questions. These are not altruistic questions. So the goodness that America created is jeopardized by our not knowing what we stand for. That’s our greatest threat. We are our problem. (

. . .

There is one party that stands for America’s values–and it has nothing to do with patriotism, and I’m not attacking patriotic fervor or love of America. It has nothing to do with that. You can love America and be an awful American. You can love your children and be an awful parent. … The issue is not, “Are you a wonderful person?–or love America.” The issue is you have different values than America was founded on. (Ibid.)

. . .

Abraham Lincoln said that the United States is the last best hope for earth (or we often say “for mankind”). … It will not be the last best hope for mankind if it becomes like Western Europe. Nobody has ever said, “Norway is the last best hope for mankind.” Is that fair to say? And I know that I’ll be attacked as anti-Norwegian because anything we [Americanists] say is race based [to liberals]. So, with the risk of being anti-Scandinavian in my essence, may I say that nobody says Sweden, Norway, or Denmark is the last best hope of mankind. Nor have they ever said that, since 1603, about France. … It is only been said about the United States. This is the force for good on this earth. It is not peace activists that liberated Auschwitz, it is military people who liberated Auschwitz. (Ibid.)

. . .

The President [Barack Obama] was asked, “Do you believe in American exceptionalism?” Do you know what his answer was (I’m sure many of you know it)? He said, “I believe in American exceptionalism the way a Brit believes in British exceptionalism and the way in which a Greek believes in Greek exceptionalism.” But Greeks don’t believe in Greek exceptionalism, they don’t. (Except the exceptional ability to get Germany to bail them out of their problems. That’s exceptional, I must admit.) … But do you realize what that answer means? It means that “We are not exceptional!” That’s what this battle is about! Is this a great human experiment or isn’t it? (Ibid.)

. . .

Do we trust the United States to increase good on earth or the United Nations to increase good on earth? The left believes that the U.N. is a greater force for good than the United States! The United Nations just elected Iran to the commission on the status on women [April 2010]. This was the first time in 28 years of broadcasting I could not think of an absurd analogy because you can’t out-absurd what happened at the U.N. … The only thing I could imagine the Iranian delegate to the U.N. commission on the status of women speaking about is a new color of veil that Iran will be inaugurating, and that will be an upgrade in the status of Iranian women–“We are not only allowing black veils, but grey and blue as well.” I mean this is a country that tortures women who run away from their homes because they don’t want to marry the man that their parents set them up with at the age of 11. And they are on the status of the commission on women? Who is the greater good on earth–the U.S. or the U.N.? (Ibid.)

. . .

Emotions make you stupid. That’s true for all of us. When I don’t think rationally I become stupid. It’s true for me; it’s true for you. (

. . .

Say a critical thing about blacks, you’re a racist. … That is what that entire segment was about [a caller on the radio show trying to call Dennis a racist]. You can criticize Jews, you can criticize Whites, you could criticize any group, but if you criticize Blacks, you’re a racist. My view is if you can’t criticize Blacks, your a racist. I take Blacks [as I do with my fellow Jews] seriously enough to say that on the political subject, yes you’re foolish [for voting Democrat]. (Ibid.)

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*Dennis Prager is an Americanist and not a Christian. His Americanist philosophy makes him a huge proponent of the Christian values and culture within U.S. policy, however.


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