3 Major Problems with Psychology.


  • Normativism – This is the belief that if something is normal, than it is good. If most people act a certain way, then that is the way in which they should act. If someone acts outside the norm, then they are very likely to be mentally unstable or potentially have an illness. The problem is that an action can still be moral even if nobody follows it and immoral if everyone in the culture follows it.
    Example. Roman Colosseum fights to the death were still immoral even if the majority of the culture was okay with it. Likewise the Nazis were wrong even though their laws condoned them.

  • Evolution – Many evolutionary psychologists believe that man. Cognitive theorists believe that Divine Revelation is impossible because thoughts only begin in their most basic form and build up to the complex ideas we have today, leaving no room for intervention. This forces the belief that the mind can always develop greater and greater ideas (disregarding the pragmatism of traditionalism) and the belief that we are so much more intelligent than past peoples the farther away they are in history.
    Example. Cave paintings aren’t necessarily drawn by “cave men” as we think of them. They could have been drawn by any person (even a modern man) ostracized his or her city. Likewise, we know that ancient Semitic peoples 3rd millennium B.C. wrote business documents and that Ancient Egyptians had very arduous and intricate pyramid constructing projects.

  • Control – The last of the “4 Goals of Psychology” is to control an individual’s behavior. Though I do agree that many of the actions of imperfect people take need to be changed, this doesn’t mean another fallible man knows what actions need to be changed nor do they know what they need to be changed to.
    Example. It is completely up to a psychiatrist’s discretion to prescribe harmful drugs. Likewise, a hypnotherapist can manipulate a person to make them feel justified in committing crimes (even if it was the patient’s proclivity in the first place).



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