“Why would God want us to ask Him to do something He already knows and will do?”

In The Magician’s Nephew, C. S. Lewis has his lion king, Aslan, send two children, Polly and Digory, on a mission with Fledge, the flying horse. After a while, they discover they have no food. Polly and Digory are dismayed:

“Well, I do think someone might have arranged our meals,” said Digory.
          “I’m sure Aslan would have, if you’d asked him,” said Fledge.
          “Wouldn’t he know without being asked?” said Polly.
          “I’ve no doubt he would,” said the horse. … “But, I’ve a sort of idea he likes to be asked.”

Answer: The answer is He likes it, He may have pre-planned that we’d ask, and to change us.

Source: Chapell, Bryan. “Praying in the Spirit.” Praying Backwards. Baker Books: Grand Rapids, MI. 2005. 67. Print.


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