A Psychoanalysis of Gert Lüdemann.


Gert Lüdemann at Boston College. Lüdemann is the principal German critic of the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection, and so, having written my doctoral thesis in Germany on the credibility of Jesus’ resurrection, I was eager to cross swords with him on this issue. Lüdemann defends a psychoanalytic theory of the origin on the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ resurrection on the basis of guilt-induced visions of Jesus after his death. I prepared a lengthy critique of what I called the Hallucination Hypothesis, which I thought went over well. The morning after the debate, Jan and I were having breakfast with Lüdemann in the priests’ refectory. Jan asked him pointedly, “What do you do about sin in your life?” He replied, “I go to therapy.” We were taken aback. “Well, what does the therapist do for you?” we asked. Lüdemann replied, “He induces visions in me.” I was stunned. It seemed one more example of what had been said of the line of nineteenth century Life of Jesus researchers: “Each one looked down the long well of history and saw his own face reflected at the bottom.”

Source: http://www.reasonablefaith.org/two-dozen-or-so-of-my-favorite-debates (Retrieved 8/16/13)


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