“The Very Rocks of Jerusalem Cry Out”


Shalom from Yerushalayim, the City of the Great King! The very rocks of this precious city testify to the 36 wars that have raged over her. She has been reduced to ashes 17 times. She has risen 18 times. She has been sanctified by blood and by martyrs. She has known the hoof beats of Assyrian war chariots, the battering rams of Rome. She has heard the hissing arcs of Saladin’s sabers, the rattling of Crusaders’ chainmail, and the tattoo of Israeli gunfire. Heaven and earth met in Jerusalem and will meet here again. Jerusalem is the navel of the earth and the apple of God’s eye.

– Mike Evans

Source: Jerusalem Prayer Team email newsletter 9/22/2013 2:47pm WST


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