3 Ways to Pave Change.


  1. Power.
    • One way to change how things are is by political authority (government, business, union, etc.).
    • This way may be useful for a short amount of time because it gives a cultural reference of morality.
    • It is limited, however, in that you are not able to change a person’s intent even if you temporarily force his actions.
    • Likewise, you may bring about stronger opposition in values when you temporarily suppress them. Like they say, “People always want what they can’t have.”
    • Also, you must account for the increasingly complex repercussions (e. g. – “gun control” leaves law-abiders vulnerable to those who don’t care about the law).
    • In short, it is good for the short term (as a bandage is), but it leaves a lot of problems.
  2. Wisdom.
    • Another way to change things is by teaching others.
    • As they say, “Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.”
    • People will do something when they know it works, and works efficiently.
    • The problem arises when it comes to retaining this knowledge for generations at a time. It may be kept technologically, but philosophical values are much harder to hold.
    • We must either resort to Power (option 1) to keep Wisdom going, resort to teaching others about teaching Wisdom (option 2) to keep Wisdom going (a self-referencing ideal that may not work practically), or resort to God (option 3) to keep Wisdom going.
    • In short, it is good for the life-long term, but not the historical term.
  3. God.
    • The last (and I believe best) way is by evangelism.
    • Showing others’ God’s values will show people what values are the best to follow, regardless of what their own philosophy is.
    • It also shows them how limited their values are when mirrored by a perfect standard.
    • It is limited in that you must ultimately leave it up to a person’s free choice of choosing to follow God or not.
    • It is ultimately perfect because God’s Will will be worked out (and is being worked out) anyway.
    • In short, none of the options are going to work because they are all attempts of imperfect man in a world that God has said will be imperfect until the “great and terrible Day of the Lord.”
    • But we don’t have to lose heart because we know that our intents and actions have eternal value when done in the Name of God.



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