Post 5: The Backwater Gospel


Hello everyone! while I was working on my last post (Frankenweenie Reborn) I stumbled upon a very interesting animated short, The Backwater Gospel.This short is about the town of Backwater, its a small run down town in the middle of nowhere that is plagued by regular visits from “The Undertaker”. Now the true question is Does the Undertaker bring death or does he simply follow it? I could tell you or you could decide for yourself.

The short was made in 2011 and directed by Bo Mathorne with music done by “Sons of Perdition”. Right off the bat I notice the animation style its very unique in a computer animated yet and hand drawn style to it with a creepy Tim Burton twist to it. The video / story itself was very gruesome and macabre with the whole evil bible belt theme. I also find the song (sung by…

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