The Political and Social Roles of a Functional 3 Branch U.S. Gov’t.

Political Roles:

  1. Legislative: Write laws according to the peoples’ values.
  2. Judicial: Specify those laws according to the original intentions of the writers.
  3. Executive: Implement and enforce those specified laws.

Social Roles:

  1. Legislative: Listen to the populaces opinions and speak for them.
  2. Judicial: Decipher if those opinions conflict with preexisting laws.
  3. Executive: Collaborate the opinions and bring the parties together.*

. . .

*I know this role has been disputed and political commentators on both sides have said that it is the job of everyone to work to an agreement. I agree. In fact I believe that all of these points could be cross-stated for every branch of gov’t. I just believe these are the most prominent, given their position. (The last point about the executive branch was said only because the president is the one who is democratically elected by many, and therefore the singular person who strategically represents unity.)

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