The Babylonian Theodicy and Atheistic Liberalism.

A quote from the Babylonian Theodicy explains why one may go the way of atheistic liberalism. It’s short and sweet.

Sufferer VII

67~Your mind is a north wind, a pleasant breeze for the peoples.
68~Choice friend, your advice is fine.
69~Just one word would I put before you.
70~Those who neglect the god go the way of prosperity,
71~While those who pray to the goddess are impoverished and dispossessed.
72~In my youth I sought the will of my god;
73~With prostration and prayer I followed my goddess.
74~But I was bearing a profitless corvée as a yoke.
75~My god decreed instead of wealth destitution.
76~A cripple is my superior, a lunatic outstrips me.
77~The rogue has been promoted, but I have been brought low.

It reminds me of the despairing thoughts of Job and Habakkuk.


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