Points on Why the “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol” is a Scam.

“Brian Chambers” and “Dr. Mark Stengler” claim that there is information coded in the Bible that cures just about everything. Specifically they imply that the diet in Matthew 4 cures cancer within days and the “Crown of Thorns Extract” cures everything else. So what’s wrong with this picture?

  • They claim is that the University of South Florida, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, and University of Southern California all independently confirm their findings. Yet none of these have any journal entries on this program. In fact there are no published studies at all on this. Not even surveys or animal lab studies.
  • In Matthew 4, Jesus is fasting for 40 days and nights and this supposedly kills cancer. Yet cancer itself is shown to cause starvation. And though this kills cancer cells (as seen in ketogenic cancer treatments), it also kills regular cells and your immune system which guards against cancer.
  • The “Crown of Thorns Extract” isn’t even mentioned in the Bible. And, in fact, studies show that euphorbia milii (it’s Latin name) is actually a carcinogen (cancer causing agent).
  • “Dr. Mark Stengler” is not even a real doctor. And other supposed endorsers (Dr. Steve Nenninger, N.D., and Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.) aren’t either. Dr. James F. Balch was a urologist, but is no longer licensed.
  • “Brian Chambers” doesn’t seem to be the real person promoting this protocol. He and someone named “Jenny Thomson” are mentioned on the two main websites healthrevelations.com and besthealthnutritionals.com, but both are registered to a person named Jason Pell.
  • Apart from all this, the proponents of the “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol” take forever to get to the point of explaining this “amazing” cancer killer. I’d rather buy into observable studies than “This just in! Call in the next 20 minutes…!” type salesmen.

As a Christian, I find it particularly heinous that they use (self-proclaimed) “Christian” techniques in order to make a financial gain off dying individuals. And I am disappointed in Christian Post for sending me this 3rd party junk in my email.











54 thoughts on “Points on Why the “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol” is a Scam.

  1. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the information. I did want to point out that when you wrote this sentence, “Specifically they infer that the diet in Matthew 4 cures cancer within days and the “Crown of Thorns Extract” cures everything else.”, that I think you meant “imply” rather than “infer”. It’s a common grammatical mistake but one that can cause a writer to lose credibility because it’s not correct and can change the context. To infer means that one draws a conclusion and imply means to strongly suggest truth. I hope you don’t take this as a criticism, but a help for future articles in order to make sure your point is heard correctly. Thanks very much.

    Best regards,


    • Suzanne,
      Everyone hates a Pharisee. Or a Nazi (even a grammar one). Especially God. Nothing in his article caused him to lose credibility with any logical, reasonabe person. I pray that you get a life so that tiny little nothings no longer cause you so much anquish.

    • Suzanne was my first love, probably someone else, but I am only inferring that maybe they are one and the same. And by implication they are both fantastic!

    • Very well stated…and noted. That’s one of my pet peeves, along with splitting infinitives. Most people commit these writing infractions, so I’ve always kept them to myself when reading. Otherwise, I would be correcting folks constantly, and loosing some friends in the process.

      • I ustadid follow grammar rules very carefully. In today’s environment or “tweets and instant messaging”-neither of which I participate in, grammar seems to have been thrown away- “Loan”used to be a noun only and to lnd was the verb- the action od extending a loan or accepting a loan. Now it has become acceptable al over the Internet and television to use loan as a noun or a verb: “I will loan you the money. Nuns would have put a big red “X” on that sating that you use the noub “loan as a verb. Now it seems “loan is used in any part of speech you desire. While the meaning can still be there, it’s just wrong in my opinion.

    • Just a note… You give reference that indicates “Crown of Thorn Extract” is on the list of known carcinogens. Please keep in mind that all other known and accepted cancer treatments are also on the list of known carcinogens, including chemotherapy, radiation, and Radioidodines, including iodine-131, which is used specifically to treat thyroid cancer.

      • … In addition, I did not find “Crown of Thorns Extract” or “euphorbia milii” on the list of known carcinogens.

      • Yes, but those are non-organic cell-killing substances. They kill both normative and malignant cells alike. Organic carcinogens only produce malignant cells.

        Apart from all this, (like ciaran has said) the proponents of the “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol” take forever to get to the point of explaining “amazing” cancer killer. I’d rather buy into observable studies than “This just in! Call in the next 20 minutes…!” type salesmen.

  2. This is just a thought, but perhaps all the negative items that just don’t fit are being pumped out by Big Pharma. I think if anyone had a $150 Billion Dollars per Year industry and they knew something, anything was going to hurt this cash cow, they would certainly do something about it.

    My baby daughter has a terminal illness. The licensed doctors at Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital gave up on her and advised us to bring our 6 month old to a hospice! Can You believe this shhhht?? We of course, told them we are BIG believers in GOD and HIS Son, His Power, and our Submission to Our Lord and Savior. The licensed DOCTORS looked at my wife and I like we were crazy and had green arms growing out of our foreheads! They just could not wrap their heads around the fact that we know Our God is truly and certainly an AWESOME GOD.

    Guess what? 6 months later my baby girl, #BabyAriella is alive and kicking and getting better slowly but surely. Our nationally acclaimed doctors and specialists, that have had medical journals published and all that jazz You were basing some of Your debunk theories on, really doesn’t matter. These doctors are published. Two of my kid’s doctors are so famous, every doctor in South Florida refers us tho them…. However we decline, since we know they specialize in B.S. Bottom line, my kid is still alive! They said she would die, we said, we will take this up with God and so long and farewell. We don’t care about published journals and medical this and that… after all, do You know who pays for all that?

    I just want to leave You all with this, if medical journals and licenses are Your basis of judging a doctor as poor, good, or great, then let me tell You, these same doctors said there is no hope for my daughter and that she will die….6 months later she is finally growing and thriving. Medical Journals and Publications, awards and notoriety doesn’t mean jack when You tell a child’s parents that their only kid is going to die. They were wrong. You know what I believe in? God. You know what else, God put things here on this planet that does cure certain ailments and diseases. The medical/pharma industry… is just that, an INDUSTRY, a money hungry fattened pig that knows only one thing, create the demand and supply that demand with no cures…just remedies for recurring sales!

    • Foremost, let me state that I am saddened and thankful about your daughter’s illness and recovery respectively. More than anything, her health is more important than anything we agree or disagree on here.

      (Now to the discussion.) It is a pretty big assumption to say that drug companies are the opposition. Most of the sources I used are noted skeptics who have take lower pay because of their impartial skepticism.

      Second, God does not need a doctor’s help to heal, but it is more often the case than not that He does use doctors as the instrument of His healing. Because of this, we shouldn’t just disregard the doctor’s advice. You clearly take medical science seriously enough to at least visit a doctor and be wary of the severity his diagnosis. Why not his prognosis? You do not have to deny God’s power in doing this. All the more you should celebrate when God does do a miraculous work if there is a gloomy outcome (as you seem to be already doing).

      Third, and most importantly, it is Brian Chambers who is basing the credibility of the program on science journals, not me. If he said the journals were a load of quack, then at least he would be consistent.

    • Victor,
      Thank you for taking the time to write what you did and I’m sad and happy for you and your daughter-as I’m sure it turned your world upside down! Although happy to hear that her health is improving. (Praise God!!) Hoping & will pray that she will continue to improve until she has perfect health.

      I wanted to add to your post because I have fallen prey to many “doctors” in recent years until I caught on and started to do my own research and I think I feel the same way you do….they are not trying to cure anyone from anything. It’s a BUSINESS!! They NEED patients and if everyone all of the sudden got cured from their health issues, they’d be out of business and not be able to live those lush life styles they are used to. They’re being threatened by natural remedies which explains why many take a hard stance against ANYTHING that goes beyond what they are pushing/recommending/prescribing. A year ago, I was on a total of 13-14 different meds! (I blame myself more though because I allowed myself to be pushed into this-but ONLY because I was too busy with my businesses to do the work of finding natural health care). Happy to say that I’m down to about 5 now and am working my way to 0. Not too long ago, the doctors I had even would get upset that I didn’t want to take the pills they were trying to prescribe. So I switched doctors so I’m not saying there’s never a need for them as that would not be true. BUT, it’s the first thing they want you to do rather than try all else first then go to meds if needed. SAME with surgeries-PLEASE, anyone reading this, if you are being told you need a surgery, PLEASE, please get a 2nd & even a 3rd opinion before letting them open you up! They are not gods-although some think they are. I trust only One God and He is our Creator and the more He is removed from society the worse society has gotten. Of course, I also trust in my husband who was a God-given gift which I thank Him for daily.

      I feel very sad for those ( such as new parents and the elderly mostly) who trust blindly what any “doctor” says because of either fear of the unknown (new parents) or they’re old school and are ingrained w/the way doctors used to be-which was more for the patient’s care and the good rewarding feelings that come with that. But now, I’m afraid those are few and far between. All they do and are trained to do is treat symptoms~ that in itself should be enough proof for people-as they are quick w/their pens to write commission based meds for anyone who’ll not object. I’ve also read documentation that some “doctors” even take huge “gifts” from drug companies; houses, cars, vacations, and even bribery monies! I feel most people are just SO blind to all that is happening in this world and Big Pharm along with the CDC, AMA, FDA (Fraud & Death Administration), and many other corporate systems that are all entertaining each other and are dictators or have influence over more than what we the people know. “Doctors” are needed for serious diseases and for writing prescriptions for some ailments/diseases but are humans just like anyone reading these comments. Only they vow to never take responsibility for anything bad that happens to their patients. It sickens me how badly I let myself trust in the past. I NOW know better and will never trust another “symptom reliever” again. It just takes some time and research and you can find good health if you do what your body needs. Granted there are genetic dispositions BUT even those can be overcome w/natural remedies and good old FAITH IN GOD!!!

    • You /believed/, not /knew/, you cretinose liar. Doctors can be wrong, especially if they are stupid theists like the many religiose hospitals suggest. They must quantify their prognòsis in probability of survival; maths has never been theists’ strong point. Also it’s should, not would. If you actually did what Scripture said ye’d be dead or in prison.

  3. Using Bible passages as secret codes is older than the Jewish Kabbalah – the ancient heresy of Gnosticism disguised as a Biblical religion. The fact that this endless video exploits people with serious diseases and never gets to the so-called “secret cure,” instead leading the viewer to a money-making scheme, strikes me as absolutely satanic.

  4. I highly doubt the natural ingredients in hawthorne extract cause any kind of cancer. From my experience most cancers are caused by manmade chemicals and additives that are added to our food supply (some are just our cells getting old and not functioning properly). Doctors have “proven” that hawthorne extract does help with cardiovascular problems. Seems to be a low cost method to use instead of angioplasty, stents, etc to treat heart problems. I would take with a grain of salt “any” doctors recommendation on using drugs since most all doctors are trained to use pharmaceutical drugs in their training.

    • I understand where you’re coming from; synthetic chemicals used in processing and filling foods do seem to be more likely carcinogens than something organic.

      That said, I believe you misread the text. It’s “Crown of Thorns” extract, not “hawthorne” extract. Europe PubMed shows research that “Crown of Thorns” extract is actually tumor-promoting (meaning it is a carcinogen).

      Although doctors are trained to use pharmaceutical drugs, it does not make them intrinsically bad. The fact that there is a competitive market for them means that you are at least getting the best of what scientists can manufacture right now (as bad as they may be).

      Aside from the idealism many people have with synthetic drugs, most people are fine with being administered random anesthetics when at the dentist, taking a host of different steroids and antibiotics to fight infections when prescribed by a doctor, being vaccinated for various flu’s and diseases, and inject themselves with things like man-made insulin for diabetes. They do these things without batting an eyelash.

      When all is said and done, there are many breakthroughs in medical drug science that we take for granted. Of course there are some that have much worse side-effects than others; but I hear people cherry-pick the worst ones and make rash generalizations in conversations like this. We must be weary (since it is our health we’re dealing with), but we can’t afford to be myopic either.

    • PAHs (burnt food, soot), acrylamide (burnt carbs-protein), acetaldehyde (ferments), nitrosamine (parsleys and mineral-protein), asbestos (mineral), sawdust (wood), talc (mineral), coal tar (mineral), tar (vegetal), UV (sun), ROS (burnt vegetal, radioactive mineral), pesticides (dunno if native also), germicides (dunno if native also)

  5. Let me ask you believers…
    Why do you praise the god that ostensibly afflicted you (or your loved one) with the disease in the first place? Why do you venerate a being that is supposedly benevolent and omnipotent who chooses to allow people (especially blameless children) to suffer and sometimes die of horrific maladies? How can you reconcile your belief in your gods omnipotence when he does NOTHING to prevent illness in the first place? Why on earth would a caring god afflict someone with suffering and hide the “cure” in badly translated, poorly written, obscure prose? Isn’t that horribly mean, like something a bully would do?
    Your god is either sadistic, powerless or imaginary.
    There are no other logical choices.
    So if someone can explain, without scripture references (I’ve already read it, and found no answers as to why that god is “great”), I’m all ears

    • Wanderingwacky. How can you discuss a God of whom you nothing? Know that about which you speak so that you can do so, at least, intelligently. Your questions reek of skepticism and not necessarily really wanting knowledge. Read and get a working knowledge of God then you’ll benefit from an intelligent discussion.

    • Simply explain how all of the universe came into being without God? Before the Big Bang what was there? absolutely nothing but the eternal God. I am an enguneer and science is very much a part of me, but in going back in time you can see the universe was smaller and smaller every day, since it is constantly expanding. When you get far enough back in timeto that point of “singularity” when the universe is simply as small as could be, God said, “Let THERE BE LiGHT” AND everything was set into motion including evolution. Evolution and creation are not mutually exclusive except in the minds of those who refuse to “THINK!!

    • Wonderingwacky, may I offer a few thoughts for your consideration? No scripture needed I only ask you have an open mind. Firstly, we’ll have to entertain the thought that there is a Creator, insert your name of choice it doesn’t really matter. Everything had to start from somewhere, be it space, Earth, aliens, angels, demons, primordial soup, whatever. Now, suppose that when the Creator formed this world (universe, planet, etc.) and a vessel (humans) for our spirit, soul, energy, whatever term you’d like, to reside in and experience a physical existence, “we” (our collective consciousness) were given a choice. A choice of enjoying a physical existence without complications and strife, or the choice of “knowledge”. We chose knowledge and everything that comes with it, which perhaps we can agree, has opened a Pandora’s box. We shouldn’t be so conceited as to think we can understand and harness all “knowledge”. We can’t. We chose the pain, suffering, death, ad infinitum. The Creator didn’t wish it this way, we chose it. This statement begs the question, “Then why does the Creator allow it to continue?”. I believe that ultimately it’s very simple, “we” made a choice. Now we have to deal with the consequences of that choice until the bigger picture unfolds. We had our chance at physical “peace” and to have the evil, negative energy destroyed. I believe there is a negative at work as well. Again insert your name of choice, Satan, negative energy, etc. This negative is the source of our suffering or at least the delivery of it. Humans have a way of over-complicating things. I suspect in the end we’ll find the “answer to everything” is very, very simple, and that there is something wonderful beyond all this madness. Until then, we’ll all just argue ,debate, name call, fight and kill each other. Not to mention suffer the seemingly unfairness of it all. This is all just MY own thinking, not saying I’m right. Take it, leave it, or find your own truth so long as it feeds positive energy out into the world, not negative. Maybe that’s what praying is. Positive energy, acknowledgement that we are part of something greater. The only thing sadistic and powerless is a humanity that can’t give up greed and hate and understand that we are OF something special. Does my “answer” make it all better, ease the pain of senseless tragedy? Nope, it still sucks, it’s still unfair. I’ve lost loved ones, have my own battles, and questioned EVERYTHING and also denied the existence of a Creator. I’ve found life is better, at least more tolerable, if you believe there is something greater, so great it created EVERYTHING. I seek to change no one’s mind, only to open the door of possibility. So if anyone wants to reply with snarky, ill tempered comments, go light a match and put some gas on it because you will have accomplished no more than that. Take it or leave it. Choice is, after all, what got us in this mess in the first place. Comment if you must, but ask yourself “to what end it will accomplish?”, peace or hatred. Choose Peace.

    • You are on course with your ‘questioning’ and to add to that, most people look with great skepticism on those that believe there are UFOs (Flying Saucers) in our world yet, there are skads more visual evidence, evidence my decent and often professional people about their existence than there ever will be on bibilical happenings. One we may call ‘Kooks’ and the other…….well, they simply have faith. ?????
      If anyone wants an eyeopener, they need to Google ‘David’s Holocaust’ which illustrates the hideious and viscous deeds ‘God’s’ warriors inflicted on people One reads, …………….and they were commanded to “dash infants to their deaths……in front of their parents”. Huh?
      Loving, merciful? In whose world I ask? From these scriptures, it is clear where Adolph Hitler got his inspiriation. You remember the Nazis…………and everyone of their military had a cross attached to their uniform. hmmmm.

  6. looks like you did your research.
    the problem i have with the authors referred to is the long time they take to “get to the point”. That alone smacks of dishonesty to me. I tend to turn off the tape out of boredom, so i never hear their “earth-shattering advice”

  7. I’m no expert on any of these things and never even heard of the claims published however what I do know is God is real and Satan is just as real today just look around and you will find both God and Satan ,I said that to say this whenever someone mentions God/the bible in anyway shape or format the nay sayers and doubt you Thomas’s come out of the wood work 4 what to me appears to be the 15 minutes of fame …thanks

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  9. So the plant itself is carcinogenic!?!? That would mean that even if it DOES cure everything that may ail you, it would end up killing you WITH CANCER!!!
    My response to this crown-of-thorns extract? NO THANKS!!! Yeah, the stuff will “cure you”, alright. As a ghost, you certainly won’t have to worry about any diseases you may have had! Again, NO, THANKS!

  10. The value of fasting has been verified by researchers at USC:
    they have not gone anywhere near a specific anti-cancer protocol as of yet, but the principle of stem-cell regeneration would seem to apply.
    This needs to get looked at a lot more. I personally recovered from a horrific, pernicious “dermatitis” condition that had tortured me for a year and genuinely threatened my survival by way of inability to sleep– with one week of juice fasting.
    Dr. Longo informed me in October 2015 they had just commenced a 4-day vegetable juice fast protocol against exactly the kind of skin disorder I had experienced, corroding skin totally resistant to all meds short of the steroid shots they gave me (and the thing came back in 5 days anyway).
    There is a British-produced video about this that ran on PBS and can be found for viewing on the web it’s called “Eat, Fast, Live Longer”

  11. Crown of thorns is mentioned in the bible. It is the crown they places on Jesus. I read from a Dr’s blog that the extract can cure diabetes but the USA govt wants nobody to know about it because big Pharma would lose money eyes on medal for diabetes

    • There are institutions that study diabetes that “big Pharma” has no influence on. My wife works at UCSF where they don’t allow pharmaceutical lobbying and have offices dedicated to studying diabetes. If this were legitimate, there would be monumental studies that would be picked up after news of this broke from a reputable source.

  12. This conversation hits on a lot of interesting topics, however “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” and very little real evidence has been provided for most of the claims made here. The proof should be extraordinary when we make extraordinary claims, otherwise people might start to believe all sorts of stupid stuff. (Too late?)

  13. why is anybody here if the want to use the statement that he is not even a real doctor. I’m sorry be 99.9 percent of so called real doctors are just pawns of big pharma, so they are not real doctors either just pharma drug pushers and 80 year old cancer therepies that don’t even work. radiations and chem what a crock and always was just a money grab. they are the best snake oild salemen and you will risk you like following them

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