Humans are more than mere genes and neurons.

“Nonetheless there must be a reason why those genome projects proved so uninformative about the form and attributes of living things, or why the Decade of the Brain should have fallen so far short of explaining the mind. There is a powerful impression that science has been looking in the wrong place, seeking to resolve questions whose answers lie somehow outside its domain. This is not just a matter of science not yet knowing all the facts; rather there is the sense that something of immense importance is ‘missing’ that might transform the bare bones of genes into the wondrous diversity of the living world, and the monotonous electrical firing of the neurons of the brain into the vast spectrum of sensations and ideas of the human mind. What might that ‘missing’ element be?”

-James Le Fanu

Source: “Science Triumphant, Almost.” Why Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves. p. 20

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