Stained Glass DNA by Francis Collins


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“I’m not trying to say that there’s something inherently religious [in this picture] but, I think it is emblematic of the potential here of the topic to both interest people and to make them unsettled. Can you, in fact, admire both of these [pictures]? Can you do it at the same time? Is there an inherent problem in having both a scientific world view and a spiritual world view?

… We live on this knife edge of improbability … the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics [points to God’s existence.] There’s no particular reason why all the events in the universe should follow simple mathematical equations.” -Dr. Francis Collins [1]

. . .

          “Some time ago I had the privilege to speak at a conference at Johns Hopkins University on the theme “What Does It Mean to Be Human?” Before my address, Francis Collins, the director of the Human Genome Project and the co-mapper of human DNA, presented his talk. He spoke of the intelligibility and marvel of the book of life, filled with more than three billion bits of information. In a strange way, he became both the subject and the object of his study, both the designer and the design of his research. Extraordinary thoughts swarmed within me as I listened, virtually tuning in and out of the talk in order to reflect on the wonder of it all.” [2]

          “[When Collins showed the slides at John’s Hopkins University,] there was a gasp in the audience. And it dawned on me (as I was looking at it) that I was looking at that because of which I was able to look at it. I was awe-stricken by that because of which I was capable of being awe-stricken. I realized the magnificence and the grandeur of the way God has fashioned us and woven us together. And Francis Collins, when he finished showing those two slides, said nothing! He picked up his guitar and sang a gospel song. The only response could be that of worship.” [3]

-Ravi Zacharias

. . .
This reminds me a bit of the picture comparing a brain cell to the universe as a whole. I think the correct word to define both side-by-sides is “apperception” as defined in the Wiktionary: “The mind’s perception of itself as the subject or actor in its own states … perception that reflects upon itself” (apercepção).

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[1] Pinholster, Ginger. “Geneticist Dr. Francis S. Collins Shares Personal Journey of Science and Faith at AAAS.” AAAS. N.p., 14 June 2007. Web. 22 Nov. 2012. < >.

[2] Zacharias, Ravi K. “Your DNA Matters.” The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us through the Events of Our Lives. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2007. 29. Print.

[3] Zacharias, Ravi. “Marching to a Different Drummer II, Part 2 – Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias.” RZIM, 23 Feb. 2013. Web. 13 Mar. 2013. .
Ravi has also put it this way in a previous talk: “That which I was looking at, was, because of which I was able to look at it. That which struck me in awe, is that, because of which I was capable of being awe stricken. That’s semi-transcendent.”

One thought on “Stained Glass DNA by Francis Collins

  1. I see a skull and The image of our Lord on the Cross coverd by the Holly Sprit.
    The skull indicates the place.[ Golgotha ]
    How awesome is our God.!
    Whose image do we bear?
    What a Promise we have?
    The answer to the question why bad things happens to good people ?
    Why God does not intervene?
    Jesus knew what he had to do for us when he designed us, In The Beginning.

    Why will our God not give us simple ways to take care of our body, which is his Temple? where he desperately wants to live in.

    He did.!!!
    Water—> 60% of our body weight. Is this Free liquid very important? That come from the Heavens!
    Air—> We do not think about it, but now we know that most of us have sleep apnea?.Which leads to intermittent hypoxemia.[ a drop in blood oxygen level when we are asleep] Which can lead to any disease!!
    Sun –> Vit D. Not a vitamin, a very important hormone, that can prevent and heal many disease.

    This WAS [Water Air & Sun ] there In The Beginning, we still have not Believed it.

    Why Not?
    We have accepted God’s Grace for our sole through Jesus’s Death and Resurrection.
    Why cannot we accept his General Grace of Water,Air & Sun.?

    May God Be with All His Children.

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