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“…Undeniability; something you cannot deny, which in the process of denying you actually affirm.”
-Ravi Zacharias

          A person can be skeptical about anything. To shake someone’s foundation, just ask them what they are most certain of. (It could be science, it could be themselves, it could be God, it could be cars.) Then ask them to define the terms that they used in their answer. (“What do you mean by cars? for example.) Then ask them to define the terms they use in those definitions ad infinitum. (What do you mean by automobile? What do you mean by “self” and “moving”? What do you mean by “the thing” and “motion” ?) This may sound ridiculous at first but after enough questions, one can begin to wonder if anything they believe is true.

          Skepticism is not a new way of going about breaking down philosophies, however. It has been going on in history as far when man first began to ask “Why?” It is this unwavering skepticism that has pushed people to search for just “one little thing that is solid and certain” (as Descartes did). Though this isn’t just a philosopher’s problem. It’s a problem everyone has to deal with at some point.

          Even a lay pastor can see that in “every area of human inquiry, we find that we have to live with the inexplicable and the irreconcilable. The closer we come to questions of fundamental nature, the more this is the case.”1 This book will show that there are things at the end of the endless questions which are solid and certain. These things are what are called Primitive Notions.


1 Gibbs, Eddie. “Why Leadership Styles Must Change.” LeadershipNext: Changing Leaders in a Changing Culture. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2005. 61. Print.


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