Medical Fund for June & Winfried Corduan

Hi friends and family, I wanted to share with you something on my heart right now.

There’s a man named Dr. Winfried Corduan (pictured right) whose books and journal entries I have read throughout the years. From him I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve learned philosophy, history, math, how to write better, and all the major world religions.

The greatest thing I have learned from this man, however, is to think from other people’s perspective and in a circumspect manner. Everyone has their own view of the world and it’s a great sign of love and respect to attempt to see each others’ views. And there are a great deal of (very complex) worldviews.

Very recently, his wife June (pictured left) was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Moreover, it has metastasized to various bones including her spine. Win and June are currently seeking life-extending treatment which, if all goes well, will take 4-5 years. Given that he has done so much to help me see others’ views, it was impossible to not feel the pain he was now it.

Because of this, I have worked with him and his friends to start a GoFundMe account. They currently do not have enough to sustain this long treatment. If you feel compelled to help in your own heart, I hope you consider contributing to this fund. This doesn’t have to be monetary, either.

Sharing on social media is actually my biggest concern. If you do feel motivated to donate though, I definitely won’t stop you. Another way of donating is through purchasing his book Neighboring Faiths on Amazon Kindle or from the publisher. (Think of it as a way of learning to love others for charity.) I’ll copy the links below.

I’ll be updating the GoFundMe to let everyone know how it is all progressing. That’s all for now, though. Thank you for taking the time to read.



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Space News: “Earth Proxima” (Mission Centaur).

A non-profit organization called “Mission Centaur” is looking for help from private institutions willing to fund their project that will send a miniature telescope to Alpha Centauri in hopes of finding another “Earth”.

Such a landmark event would be akin to a new Apollo moon landing: advancing technology in our daily lives and boosting public morale for science funding—something I think many of us would agree on.

Because of the size of the mini-telescope, the cost is dramatically reduced, making the project much less costly than the Hubble or Kepler telescopes.

Also when the satellite is not viewing the star system’s exoplanets, it will be open to the public for stargazing—making more astronomical advances likely.

. . .

NASA’s Potential Partners: SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin, Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Virgin Galactic.

Video here:

Featured article:

Possible Earth Proxima (“Proxima-b”):